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A name and aim for better health, quality education and poverty eradication

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Helping each other can make world better

We are DUA hope for neediest, shelter for homelessness, striving for health conveniences,  elevation of poverty,  rehabilitation of confidence in youth of UK and Pakistan. Regain sense of belonging and learn to laugh again.We have dream to provide uncontaminated water and clean air for everyone.

Helped fund  £3,000, 09 Projects in areas, Benefiting over 5000​ people

Donation for Green and Clean


Let us help Pakistan combat the threat of climate crises

Protect and enhance Green space.
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68 Cases Report
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Join the community to give education for children



Clean Water

We Are World Wide Organization

Where ‘Caring for Our Community’ matters

DUA  Foundation aim for  Access to high-quality primary education and supporting child well-being is a globally-recognized solution to the cycle of poverty.


Through Clinical Practice, Eye Camps and gynaecology camps are being held at regular basis.More than 500 people are beneficiaries who enjoy best health services thrice in a year.The projects of Tree Plantation and green parks are under ways.


Words from the heart, put ointment on hearts. People regardless of age, faith, race, colour, and gender deserve to lead a good life marked by dignity, good health and with all their basic needs met.

Our Initiatives


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Ethical Committments to donors


  • All contributions will be acknowledged
  • Donations made for a specific purpose will be used only for that purpose.


  • All work is carried out on a voluntary basis without pay.
  • Expenses are borne by members and supporters.


  • Our accounts are audited annually.
  • Our accounts are available on our Website
  • We make annual returns to the Companies Registration Office.

Donor Wishes

We will not supply your name, address or other personal details to any third party without your written permission.

Upon request any personal information will be removed from our database.

Your wishes will be respected if you do not wish to receive literature from us.

Any complaint or query from a donor will be dealt with promptly.


We make every effort to minimise administrative costs.

We adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

We are a registered charity.

We do not discriminate in any business relationship on the basis of gender, age, marital status, race, religion, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, trade union activity, political or religious belief or physical disability.

Some People Need Help And We Give It!

We look towards needy people for there main accessories  so  donate them  as much as you can in this way there life became more comfortable.

Connect to news, events and information you care about.

We’re worldwide non-profit charity.

Give A Helping Hand For Needy People

You will become volunteer of our organization by helping needy people. Your charity is for all the poverty sticken people through all over the globe.

We Help Thousand Of Peoples

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